Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Healing the Wound of Seperation

Hello dear readers,
This week i want to share with you some thoughts on healing the wound of separation.  This wound is a product of modern culture and has caused massive suffering and destruction.  I truly believe that if we as a race heal this central wound soon, EVERYTHING will change…for the better.  I have a personal quote at the bottom of my emails which reads; "Remembering ourselves back into the web of life is our deepest healing."  Here is what its all about!

At the root of the philosophy and practices of Earth Mysteries and Geomancy is a very primal and archetypal relationship.  It is the Mother/Child relationship.  Most traditional cultures around the world have related to earth as Mother.  We are made from her body. She provides love, guidance, support, and nourishment throughout our lives.  She is wise, powerful and generous.  She loves us unconditionally. 

Humans have forgotten this basic truth and so have become confused and wounded.  We were not kicked out of the garden.  We left.  We are like lost children running around looking for our mother, while all the time she is right here loving us, calling us home. 
Christianity speaks of original sin.  I dont buy it.  But this forgetting, this feeling of separation from that which gives us life, is a tragic, shared wound.  Our original wound. 

I find this is especially true of many “white” people.  Think about it.  What kind of nationality is that?  The title itself expresses the fact that we have lost our roots in culture and land base.  We have governments that tend to colonize lands where the indigenous people and resources are exploited and destroyed.  We live on these lands without any understanding of the herstory and mythology that wove the native people into the land in a harmonious way.  We feel guilty for what we have done but often feel powerless to make it right. 

We are privileged as whites in many modern ways, and yet we are among the most disconnected of peoples.  This wound of separation has led us to where we are today.  The damage we have inflicted on our Mother is so deep that none of our science can fix it.  We face either annihilation and extinction, or perhaps its not too late to make a radical (of the root) shift in our relationship to the land.

Emotionally and Spiritually this wound of separation shows up as a deep longing for connection.  We look for connection on Facebook, texting, internet, by worshiping a God that will forgive our sins, by consuming more and more goods to fill the hole in our hearts.  We are exhibiting many symptoms of mental illness and its getting worse.  We are more sick than ever.  Heart disease, obesity, cancer, depression, attention deficit, addiction...   What can we do?

It is time to re-member ourselves as Indigenous to Earth and to treat Her as a Goddess rather than all giving Mother.  We have taken too much.  It is time to return home with humility and respect. We were born of Earth and we belong here.  Even if we are a diverse mix of nationalities and have landed far from our ancestral homeland, we need to remember ourselves back into the land we live in now. Notice, its not about living “on” the land anymore, but “in” it.  Re-member. To bring all our pieces back together, to become whole.  We are whole when we realize (to make real) our place in the web of life, wherever we live!  

Already,a critical mass is building and love is lighting the way toward wise action and restoration.  
Add your flame to this transformative fire on this Aries Full Moon!

Steps to Re-member and Realize yourself in the Web of Life

1) Work with affirmations when you feel disconnected.  Examples are;
I belong here.  I am home. I am loved.  I am One with the Gaia.  Earth is my body. 

Remember to breath and come into the Now as your say these words.

Stay tuned for more steps to Re-Member in future posts!

with bright eclipse moon blessings,

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