Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2016 Fearn Essence Calendar

  Elemental Magick Series

6-7:30pm at the HM Coop!   $7members/10 non-members
Thursdays, Jan 21, Jan 28, Feb.18, Feb 25

Transform your relationship with Nature.  Learn lore, tools and techniques to connect, co-create and heal with the Elements; including songs, rituals, herbs, nature spirits, and embodiment practices.

Air- Learn to breathe with the trees, repair the climate, find your wings, speak from your heart, sing, pray, and make herbal incense!

Fire- Meet your Dragon, find your power, light Brighid’s Flame, kindle your passions, become a creator! 

Water- Meet the Serpent, dive deep into the underworld, release and let go, healing the waters, flower essences, moon magic.

Earth- Root work, journey to the heart of Gaia, meet the gnomes, sacred soil, bones, stones and marrow.

Save the Dates! Register at the HMCoop. 

Thursdays, Jan 21, Jan 28, Feb.18, Feb 25

The Quickening; Kindling the Sacred Flame of Imbolc

With Carolyn Hooper and Fearn Lickfield
Feb. 6th 10am-6pm  at the Worcester Town Hall
Join us for a day of deep connection, warmth, transformation and hope as the light returns.  Imbolc is sacred to the Goddess Brigid who is the embodiment of the Eternal Flame, the healing waters, and the Light within the Earth. We will experience, engage and explore Her many gifts; activating the light within, and sharing her healing waters with the world.  
$75-100 (20% GMDruid discount)
Includes gourmet lunch. To register contact Fearnessence@gmail.com

Dreaming into Essence 

with Mary Kay Kasper, Laura Smith and Fearn Lickfield
Feb. 27th  9-5pm at the Worcester Town Hall
An intimate day-long healing retreat bringing together the alchemical power of your Dreams and the Essences of plants.
$75 - $100 includes snacks, beverages and lunch and a custom essence blend to take home with you! Advance registration required, limited space available.
Pay using Paypal or send us a check! Checks made payable to Mary Kay Kasper and mailed to 22 Foster Street, Montpelier, VT 05601.

starting in April of 2016….

      of the
Sacred Earth
Person, Place, Plant and Planet
    7 month Immersion

o   7 full day intensives at Dreamland packed with teachings and practices to help you connect and co-create healing  with the Earth, 
o   Monthly conference calls with Fearn for Q & A and addition support,
o   Membership in an active and growing community of Guardians of the Sacred Earth with private FB page
o   A custom healing essence blend for your land.
o   Activation of your healing essence, spirit helpers and the Grove to empower your work as a Guardian.

For more info see the Training tab on this blog or  contact Fearnessence@gmail.com
Pre-registration required.  $969

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