Friday, October 31, 2014

We are the ancestors of the future.

At this Hallowed time, many of us are moved to honor the ancestors of blood and spirit who have lived and died.  They are closer now and communion with them can be very healing and insightful.

Someday we too will die and become the ancestors of the future.  
What is the legacy you would like to leave with your precious life?
What world would you like them to inherit?

These are the questions i am asking.

What if we are able to heal our ancestral wounds so that future generations have a chance to live in peace, respect and love for all beings.
What if we lived with the land today with them in mind?

The health of the land is perhaps the greatest legacy we can leave for the future generations.  

i do not have my own children yet i see all life as my kin, past, present and future.
We all have been made by what has been and we are making what will be.
We can do this unconsciously or consciously.
We can step into the role of Sacred Guardian.

What is a guardian? It can be defined as a defender, protector or keeper; one who watches over a person or place.

To me a Guardian of the land is one who takes stewardry to a deeper level of spiritual understanding, co-creation, healing and protection.  The scale could be a small plot of ground or the whole planet.  

I am a Guardian of my home and the Sacred Earth.  What this means is evolving as are the needs of the earth.  i never saw myself as an activist but climate change has changed that.  When facing global crisis, there comes a point when signing online petitions and praying just isn't enough.  In the past i did not want to engage in activism because it seemed so negative. It seemed to be all about being anti this or that.  As a magical person i know that fighting against can be counter productive.

We are creators!  Actually, we are even better co-creators.  When we come out of isolation and partner with life, we can do so much good.

Recently i attended the Times Up, Rise Up Rally and Sit In for Climate Justice.  It was a fantastic, well planned, inspiring and empowering event!  We called for Shumlin to agree to no more fossil fuel infrastructure, including the proposed VT pipeline for natural gas.  I loved being in a crowd of deeply committed caring people.  I sang and cheered and laughed, and i called on the ancestors of this land to support the best possible outcome of the event…

What do you love so deeply that you are willing to rise up and protect it for the good of all beings? 

May we stay strong and true together
and always remember we are ONE with the Earth.  

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