Friday, February 27, 2015

Home is where the Heart is.

They say the best way to learn something well is to teach it.  Today has been a day of extreme learning.  I have been preparing for my day long workshop Opening our Hearts to Gaia tomorrow at the Worcester Town Hall.  We will be journeying, sharing, learning about the wisdom and power of the heart, and doing ritual to open and connect our Hearts with the Earth.

Part of my preparation was to find some quiet reflective time to meditate and refresh my energy.
I went to a local ashram where there is an exquisitely beautiful meditation cave that is lovingly tended year round.  Being in that space felt like a home coming.  I was so grateful for the deep quiet and sacred  energy of that place.  I breathed in the support of the Earth and exhaled my love and gratitude, over and over. After a couple hours which passed very quickly, i made my way home.  Everything seemed more clear and bright.  I felt at peace and in touch with a still center in my being.  My heart was wide open and i felt blessed. I made a decision to go back regularly.

I came home to find that my dog Brinx was missing.  I figured he had probably followed a neighbor home as he has occasionally done before.  Soon my phone rang and it was indeed my neighbor friend saying she had my dog and would swing by on her way to town to drop him off.  I told her she could simply let him out where we park (a 5 minute walk from our home) and drive away.  He has been good about going home from this spot when i need to drive away without him.
After a while i got a text saying Brinx had ran after their car for almost a mile after they dropped him off.  They had to turn around and bring him back again.  I walked down to fetch him, starting to feel disturbed.  Once i got within sight and sound distance, i called him.  He saw me but kept trying to go back with them.  They had to keep telling him to go.  He finally came, reluctantly.  I gave him a treat and we walked up to the house.  I was now feeling very sad.  Sad and betrayed.  I have poured so much love and care into my dog companion.  How could he want to leave me?  I was bereft while judging myself for being ridiculous.  Brinx was crying and looking miserable.

So what is the lesson here?  I got to experience the bliss of an open connected heart and then, very quickly, a sad and abandoned heart.  The wound of abandonment is an old one for me.  It is a well worn emotional path of co dependance and victimhood, neediness, and conditional love.  I am not proud but i am human and i am healing.  I know the extremes and i know the center.  The old wound may continue to rear its sad self at times and i will do my best to surround myself with compassion and love.
Meanwhile i will continue to cultivate my open connected Heart.  My dog is free to love who he loves and i am free to love unconditionally.  Having re-membered this profound lesson personally, i am now that much more able to share it with others.

Life is a journey of Re-membering.
When our Hearts are open and connected to Gaia, we are truly Home.

with LOVE,

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Testimonials about Fearn's work

Fearn is deeply at home with the energies of the Earth Mother. She hears, sees and understands the language of the Earth beings, the wind and the sunshine. She is able to convey this profound connection to her students, allowing them to expand into joyful awareness of all that is.
~ Annie McCleary, director of Wisdom of the Herbs School, Woodbury, Vermont

Should you ever want to connect deeply with the mysteries of earth&sky,
attune to the rhythms of our natural world,
or integrate magic into the fabric of your daily life-
please do yourself the favor
of traveling these sacred paths with Fearn.
I am forever grateful for her teachings & wisdoms
and thrilled that she continues to share her gifts.
-- devon byers ::

"We sought out Fearn's help when our spring suddenly dried up during last years drought.  We had not been living at our land for too long, and were still really getting to know the energy of the place.  We were without water for an entire month!  Fearn came out and spent some time checking in with the place, the spirits of the place, and communicating especially with the water.  She heard some very beautiful information, and served as a bridge between us and the land as well, helping us to understand some other perspectives of its history, as well as the lingering energies that we have to work with.  She helped us find powerful energetic points where we could check in with the land and create ceremony over time. She gave us empowering knowledge to help us understand, appreciate, work with, enjoy, and worship this beautiful place.  And, also very importantly, she dowsed a new location for a spring.  The well guy was a skeptic, but even he couldn't argue when the very spot she picked was full of rushing water in what seemed like an endless amount, even during the driest spell.  After this i took a class of hers, because i knew that the knowledge she has to impart is sacred to this world, and the skills of listening to the deep energies of this earth are not to be lost.  I look forward to continuing to learn from her, and encourage all who can to take part in her classes!"    Casy Ellison

Fearn's powerful and accurate intuition guides her healing work. In the 14 years that I have known her and witnessed her heart-centered work, I have been constantly amazed at her profound conversations with the earth. She joyfully brings the human body, mind and spirit in connection with that of the earth and all its creatures.  Lisa Mase~ Harmonious Cookery

I highly recommend the program Guardians of the Sacred Earth with Fearn Lickfield.  What an exceptional opportunity at this moment of evolution and transformation on earth, with a beautiful, humble, powerful woman who excels at encouraging others to find their roots and center, and pursue their authentic path of self healing, and earth care. If you are on the fence about taking this class, take my advice, sign up now! What receive in return will feed you, your home, and your community, many fold!

My history with Fearn's practical, magical and innovative educational offerings and healing work spans the last 13 years. Fearn is my teacher and friend, and has helped me navigate through many significant life events. Examples of ways I have experienced her abilities include: ley line property work, various forms of dowsing, pet health care, counsel along my personal health journey (with herbal formulas, flower essences, rites of passage, ritual and shamanic extraction), custom blends for our family’s health needs, as a guest teacher for my herbalism students, as an astrological gardening resource, and as a leader of community events and intimate ceremonies.

A consultation with Fearn, in any of her areas of expertise makes for a meaningful day in life. I find her work to be accurate and resonant. I experience a positive shift that lasts long after we have met. Fearn is incredibly strong, skilled and grounded. I trust her connection with the spirits, and her ability to connect humans with the wild and invisible realms in ways that benefit the greater whole. She is a gifted and professional facilitator. She creates inclusive process within a safe and sacred container. Fearn is a listener, is patient and wise, moves through the world with integrity, and she cares about justice. Fearn is helping to keep ancient systems of healing alive. Fearn is a true healer.

Fearn's geomancy services are a fundamental and active part of our farm’s permaculture design process. Recently during an outdoor consultation on a sub-zero winter’s day (did I mention Fearn is hard core?) Fearn facilitated a fruitful dialogue between my husband and I, and the natural energies and spirits of the land. From that conversation came specific ways to respectfully develop our relationship with the seen and unseen landscape, We also arrived at the location of our new home site. We are empowered  with practical tools, awareness, and a clear idea of how to proceed thanks to working with Fearn.

Sandra Lory~ Mandala Botanicals