Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tears for Madron; cracking open the well within.

The dry well at Madron Chapel

Long long ago in a land called Kernow on the far western shores of a great island there lived a race of elves.
Kernow was then a place of majestic forests full of diverse and ancient trees.  The elves were wise in the ways of the dryads, the stone people and the healing waters.  They were the original peoples of the land and were equally at home in the middle world as they were in the under country below. 
The elves were a people of peace who honored the Divine Mother in all things.  Their name for Her is Madron.  Madron loved her elves and gifted them with sacred waters for the healing of all their ailments. 

One of the places they treasured most was a sacred well that had great power and deep wisdom.  They loved and tended that place with reverence and delighted in adorning the Willow tree with offerings of colorful cloths and jewels.  They named it Madron Well.

Time passed and the land changed.  Tribes from the north came by boat and began settling the land.  The forests were cut for homes and fields.  More tribes, more invasions, more people and buildings and roads, more noise and smell and less reverence for the land… and the elves were forced underground. 

With a large invasion came the church and their sun god the Christos.  Some of these people still respected the old ways and built their churches in places of pagan power.  For a while the Christos and the Madron were loved and honored equally. 

At Madron Well a small stone chapel was built.  In the front was an altar to the Sun and at the back was the ever flowing waters of the Mother.  The people came to remember the Divine in this place for hundreds of years and the stones retained their songs.

The followers of the Christos lost their way and turned against She who gave them life. They became sick of heart and did great damage to the people and land.  That is a story for another time… The old chapel at Madron was forgotten and fell into ruin for a long time, visited only by elves and pagans in the dark and safety of the night.  But still, the healing waters continued to flow. 

Times changed and the world got more and more crowded and out of balance.  A reckless monster fueled by fear and greed was unleashed upon the land and its people, devouring life and threatening to destroy any who dared to resist his voracious appetite.  Some of the spirits in the land recoiled to protect themselves.  At Madrons Chapel, the water stopped flowing for the first time in centuries. 

All the while the spirit of Madron remained deep in the hearts and blood of the people of peace. Like a well of remembrance her power was profound and abiding.  The time had come full circle.  She quickened her pulse in the land and more people began to awaken and return to the old ways of their ancestors. 

People returned to her waters.  Most came hoping to receive healing, vision, or guidance. But one group was different. They came in service to the Queen; the Madron. 

When they saw that the waters had stopped flowing into the chapel they were deeply affected and reached out to see how they might help.  They knew that in order to open the way for the flow to return they would have to sacrifice their own waters; their tears of love and loss for the world.  The women began keening and wailing; offering their tears into the stone lined well where the waters once pooled.  They cracked themselves open to find the well of sadness within.  The local nature spirits were pleased, and Briga their Go-Between jumped in to help. The men stood behind with deep respect, protection and love for the Goddess and in that moment something was made right. 

A few days later the harvest eclipse full moon rose and the magic that had been worked on that fateful day was completed.  The waters returned, Madron reclaimed her rightful throne, and the elves went on a mission of mischief making to quell the Monster... 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I am not an activist!

There is no more denying the call.  I have been resisting for years but it can no longer be ignored.  The stakes are too high, and after all, i dedicated myself as a Priestess of Gaia.

The call has come because there is urgent need and i have something to give, like we all do.
I do not identify as an activist and have mostly avoided such events, figuring i can do ceremony and pray and sign online petitions from the safety and comfort of my home.  This is no longer enough. The cries of Nature are too loud for me to ignore.  My conscience is speaking, Nature is speaking, the faery folk are speaking and i must do what i can.  I know i am here to serve the Sacred Earth as a teacher, a healer and a priestess.

The news these days is painful, uncensored, intense and at times completely overwhelming.  Many of us can no longer stay in our comfort zones with good conscience.  I believe we all have an important part to play in this awe-some time of change. We are here in vast numbers and we are changing. Will it help?  Is it too late?
Who can say?  What i know in my bones is that giving up or resisting change will help no one.

I am scared. I am scared to put myself at risk of injury or arrest.  I am scared to become a victim of the machine that is killing the Earth.  But what i am realizing is that i am more a victim if i do nothing. We are all part of the great web of life which is being torn.  We are all in this together.

What is your line in the sand?  What would it take for you to stand up and speak for the land, the waters, the atmosphere?  A pipeline coming thru your house?  A clearcut nearby?  Lead in your drinking water?  The next catastrophic flood?

I have been crying more than ever.  My skin is thin and i am feeling so much.  It is a blessing and a pressure release for me and perhaps for the more-than-me.  I am learning new ways of both holding and letting it flow.

I get courage from my ancestors, from stories and victories and people rising up together for what they believe.  This new wave of activism is different.  I am seeing deeper vision, courage, connection and power from the heart.  Miracles are needed and they will happen if we plug into the source and ask the ancestors and spirits to help us.  We are not alone!  It is our illusion of seperation that got us into this mess.  Together and co-creatively we have a chance of tipping our destiny toward survival and even thrival.

Imagine coming together in sacred circles in at-risk places and calling upon the ancestors and spirits of place to rise up with us to protect the land.  Imagine drums, singing, altars, offerings, councils, and magic to diffuse conflict and violence.  Imagine dressing up and painting our faces and bodies with sacred symbols and colors for visual impact.  Imagine the world waking up and joining us!

If this stirs something in you please come to the Kellog Hubbard Library in Montpelier on Wed. July 27th at 5pm for a showing of the movie Taking Root; the vision of Wangari Maathai who started the Green Belt Movement in Kenya. Followed by discussion and guided practice to discover how we can authentically and spiritually protect our Sacred Earth.

Let us be the change.
So mote it be.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Geomancer's Journal: a three part home clearing.

I had the pleasure of clearing a beautiful home on Friday. I brought my dowsing tools, my sage, and my offerings. No essences needed this time. 
This one turned out to be a three part clearing. 
The first level was inside the house. The steward was aware of possible technopathic stress affecting the bed area. The electric utility lines entered the house in an adjacent wall and the cables travelled just under the bed. Synchronistically she was recently gifted with an Orgone puck. We dowsed the levels before and after putting it under the bed. Stress levels went from a 3 to less than 1 in the bed, and from 5 to less than 1 in the living room below. Sorted!
Next we tuned into the energetic landscape surrounding the home. There was an old stone foundation of a barn long since gone that was holding onto some history. It seems that there was a fire there and that farm animals may have died. The imprint of this fear and pain was still held in the stones. There was also a more recent fire close to the foundation that got out of control and caused some fear. We climbed into the space that was the barn and i dowsed for the best access point. I lit the sage, prayed to the directions, made offerings and cleared the residues of the past from the stones and land. 
Finally, i was told that the tenants in the other side of the house have a young daughter who was having trouble sleeping as well as some emotional disturbance. It turns out that the same room was occupied by a previous tenant who had some mental and emotional challenges. The room was holding the imprint of her struggles. I dowsed for the best access point outside from which to clear her room and did the work from there. When the tenants came home they were updated and asked to complete the clearing inside with some smudging.
I also found a happy Dragon(ley line) passing just inside the entrance to her side of the house, through the kitchen and on out. I dowsed to see what sort of offerings s/he would like. She said she likes mead and burnt offerings of resin and herbs. This Dragon if welcomed, will in turn inspire, protect and empower all who enter this home. Blessed be!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Guardians of the Sacred Earth; the 7 step journey

Module 1 is called Opening our Hearts to Gaia.  We Re-Member Her sacred pulse within us and we are never alone.

Module 2 is an Immersion into FIRE! Power and Protection. We will meet and work with the light in the land;the Dragons!

Module 3 is an Immersion into the deep dark mysteries of Water, Serpents and Yin Chi. Dowsing for water. Ritual of release. The Sacred Well. Custom flower essence blends.

In Module 4 of Guardians we will be inspired by the rooted, lofty medicine of the TREES. Climate Repair, Wand Making, Sound Healing, Breath work,
Guardian Trees.

Module 5 is an immersion into the Earth thru the sacred SOIL. Bones of our ancestors, stones, offerings, spiritual gardening, animal allies.

In Module 6 we go BELOW. Earth Healing with Tree Essences, Earth Acupuncture, Mending the Web, Psychic Membranes, Underworld Journey work, Sacred Space.

And last but not least, Module 7 is dedicated to the ABOVE! We will open our crowns and expand into the Stars. Students share their final projects.Blessing of the Guardians.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Guardians of the Sacred Earth Curriculum 2016

Day 1- Center
Day 2- Fire
Day 3- Water
Day 4- Air
Day 5- Earth
Day 6 - Below
Day 7- Above
6 sense meditation  

Prayer and offerings to fire

Dragon Dance
Vertical alignment.
Ocean breath
Bridging and tree breathing
Spruce Incense
3 Walkers, Torus, Schuman Resonance
Bubbling spring, rooting down, earth light, dream walker
Review of Attunements
Star breath, Star walker

Heart Perception and coherence

Pain>Love Transmutation
Wide angle vision

Earth Light
 3 Cauldrons

The cross roads
Opening the well

Water prayers- offerings to water

Flowering Tree

The magic of Trees
Atmosphere and Climate Repair
Earth Prayers- Honoring the soil and ancestors of the land. 
Soil and plant tending
The Underworld

Web mending

Earth acupuncture
Guardian project presentations
The Wound of Separation 

Journey to the Heart of Gaia
Web Weaving

Journey; Meet your Faery ally

What are Serpents?
Qualities of YIN
Journey; Tree ally,

Guardian Trees
The Geo Wand
Journey; Animal ally
Sacred space; altars and temples with Ivan
Guardian project presentations
Intro/history of geomancy
Dragons and  Michael; Power and Protection

Technopathic Stress
The mysteries  of Water

Geopathic Stress and how to clear
Trees as earth medicine; fungal web

 Making a Tree Essence
Land Assessment Worksheet and Soil Chart Dowsing
Consecration of Earth Acu Wands
Who ya
 gonna call?
The Cosmic Web

Cloak of the Angels
Pendulum dowsing
Location dowsing; find the Dragons!

Location dowsing; Find the Serpents!
Ritual of Release

Chart Dowsing, Flower essences custom blend and affirmation
Sound Healing and Toning with Trees
Making and blessing our offering bags

3 point process
Guardians say NO. Protectors. 
Psychic Membrane for VT. 
Blessing of the Guardians
Grove Essence and Certificates

Con Call- pendulum practise, Human Essence Journey
Con Call-
Fire Sipping
Con Call
Water under the bridge ex.
Pendulum ?s re. water
Con Call
Smudging and blessings a space.
Con Call
Journey to sit in Earth Council and stir cauldron, Discuss projects
Con Call
Journey to and thru home
Pendulum Practice; confidential dowsing for eachother.

Gnomework; Map the Dragons in and around your home.

Dowse and Map Serpents at home. 
Find Tree Guardian, cut and start making wand, make tree essence
Dowse SS Worksheet and soil chart, offering practise, essence for land?
Spiritual House Cleaning Psychic Membrane
Prepare Presentation!
star gazing, find your star, sun sipping, complete eval,
Do above world journey to meet your celestial ally. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Climate Repair

I am inspired to re-share this practice that came to me a few years ago.  With the latest news of massive methane leaks, floods, record breaking temperatures, and unbreathable air in Asian cities, it is time once again for us all to do what we can, both practically and magically!   

There are many good ways to support clean air, renewable energy, and decreasing our carbon footprints, but what about the carbon we have already contributed to the atmosphere? 
Did you know that there is a delay of 30 years between the carbon we burn and its atmospheric effects? Even if we stopped emitting now we would still see increasing carbon and warming for 30 years.  Science is predicting irreversible and unavoidable damage. 
Like you, I want a clean and safe world for all beings and generations to come. The imminence of storm and drought, destruction, extinction and pollution has deeply worried me.  And so I searched for an answer outside the box; in the realms of consciousness, imagination, belief, and the power of LOVE to heal.  I am also a great believer in our ability to effect change when we join forces with others of like mind in cooperation with the wisdom of Nature. 
A technique was shown to me.  It is deceptively simple yet has great promise to reverse Climate Change.  As it became clear, my fear was gradually replaced by hope and excitement.   To Repair the Climate, we need to partner with the Trees; Nature’s air purifiers, carbon drinkers and sinkers. Together we can do this!

o   What if we were able to direct our concerns about climate change into active caring for the world?
o   What if we realized that we are One with Nature and when we partner with Her, we can actually have a positive impact on the Earth?
o   What if we could repair the air of the toxic load of greenhouse gases and other pollutants with the unified power of our hearts and minds?
o   What if this simple process was enacted daily by people around the world, reversing climate change and creating a clean, safe world for all beings and generations to come?

Do you feel this is even remotely possible?  If so, I invite you to take your place in the global forest of climate repair. 
All you will need is 3 minutes of quiet focus each day, a desire to make a difference, a little bit of faith and a whole lot of love for the Earth.  You may pause here to prepare.

The Process  
First imagine the earth as if from space.  See this beautiful blue green planet in its three dimensional entirety.  Surrounding the earth is the skin of our atmosphere, holding clouds, mist, fog and smog. Now call to mind your favorite kind of tree.  This tree is larger than life.  You can plant your tree in any land or ocean you desire. Its roots go down deep into the Earth and its branches extend high and wide into the atmosphere.  Its big, green leaves drink in the sun above and exchange breathe with the air

Now imagine you are this great tree.  Feel your deep roots anchoring you into Earth and your branches high and wide creating a thick and expansive canopy that wraps around as much of the globe as it can reach. 
Trees breathe in reverse to humans.  They inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.  We will be taking 10 breaths as great trees to repair the air.  With each inhale we will take in carbon dioxide and any other air pollutants.  These gases and particles will sink thru our great trunk and be grounded back into the earth in their original form. With each exhale, we will release clean purified oxygen into the atmosphere. 

Ok. So now its time to Repair the Air.  Relax your body and start to slow and deepen your breathing.  Soften your gaze as you take in the imagery while following the rhythm of the breath.   
With your next inhalation see and feel your tree self taking in carbon dioxide from far and wide, the carbon sinks down into earth, and you exhale purified oxygen. 
And again, Inhaling CO2 and any pollutants with your leaves, grounding it down, exhaling clean air.
Inhaling dirty air, sinking it down, exhaling sparkling air.
Inhaling CO2 and toxins, exhaling clean O2
Inhaling …  for a total of 10 breaths.

Good.  We will now activate the transformative power of LOVE with three Earth-Healing Breaths.  With the next inhale feel your LOVE for the Earth growing and expanding in the heart of your tree trunk, so big… and with the next exhale, send your LOVE down thru your roots into the Earth.
Inhale and fill with LOVE and care for the earth, exhale and send it down, filling the planet. 
Last one.  Inhale and feel your LOVE expanding, exhale and send it down and thru, healing the Earth from within. 

And so we complete our 13 breaths for today.
Now imagine a great global forest of Caring, Repairing Trees!
13 breathe for 13 days, for the Earth… and Magic happens.

~Gratitude for the trees and all who care to Repair the Air~
Please share this.  Let it go FUNGAL!

Join the worldwide web of Climate Repair
and add your Tree to the global forest.

with green blessings,

Fearn Lickfield