Sunday, January 3, 2016

Climate Repair

I am inspired to re-share this practice that came to me a few years ago.  With the latest news of massive methane leaks, floods, record breaking temperatures, and unbreathable air in Asian cities, it is time once again for us all to do what we can, both practically and magically!   

There are many good ways to support clean air, renewable energy, and decreasing our carbon footprints, but what about the carbon we have already contributed to the atmosphere? 
Did you know that there is a delay of 30 years between the carbon we burn and its atmospheric effects? Even if we stopped emitting now we would still see increasing carbon and warming for 30 years.  Science is predicting irreversible and unavoidable damage. 
Like you, I want a clean and safe world for all beings and generations to come. The imminence of storm and drought, destruction, extinction and pollution has deeply worried me.  And so I searched for an answer outside the box; in the realms of consciousness, imagination, belief, and the power of LOVE to heal.  I am also a great believer in our ability to effect change when we join forces with others of like mind in cooperation with the wisdom of Nature. 
A technique was shown to me.  It is deceptively simple yet has great promise to reverse Climate Change.  As it became clear, my fear was gradually replaced by hope and excitement.   To Repair the Climate, we need to partner with the Trees; Nature’s air purifiers, carbon drinkers and sinkers. Together we can do this!

o   What if we were able to direct our concerns about climate change into active caring for the world?
o   What if we realized that we are One with Nature and when we partner with Her, we can actually have a positive impact on the Earth?
o   What if we could repair the air of the toxic load of greenhouse gases and other pollutants with the unified power of our hearts and minds?
o   What if this simple process was enacted daily by people around the world, reversing climate change and creating a clean, safe world for all beings and generations to come?

Do you feel this is even remotely possible?  If so, I invite you to take your place in the global forest of climate repair. 
All you will need is 3 minutes of quiet focus each day, a desire to make a difference, a little bit of faith and a whole lot of love for the Earth.  You may pause here to prepare.

The Process  
First imagine the earth as if from space.  See this beautiful blue green planet in its three dimensional entirety.  Surrounding the earth is the skin of our atmosphere, holding clouds, mist, fog and smog. Now call to mind your favorite kind of tree.  This tree is larger than life.  You can plant your tree in any land or ocean you desire. Its roots go down deep into the Earth and its branches extend high and wide into the atmosphere.  Its big, green leaves drink in the sun above and exchange breathe with the air

Now imagine you are this great tree.  Feel your deep roots anchoring you into Earth and your branches high and wide creating a thick and expansive canopy that wraps around as much of the globe as it can reach. 
Trees breathe in reverse to humans.  They inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.  We will be taking 10 breaths as great trees to repair the air.  With each inhale we will take in carbon dioxide and any other air pollutants.  These gases and particles will sink thru our great trunk and be grounded back into the earth in their original form. With each exhale, we will release clean purified oxygen into the atmosphere. 

Ok. So now its time to Repair the Air.  Relax your body and start to slow and deepen your breathing.  Soften your gaze as you take in the imagery while following the rhythm of the breath.   
With your next inhalation see and feel your tree self taking in carbon dioxide from far and wide, the carbon sinks down into earth, and you exhale purified oxygen. 
And again, Inhaling CO2 and any pollutants with your leaves, grounding it down, exhaling clean air.
Inhaling dirty air, sinking it down, exhaling sparkling air.
Inhaling CO2 and toxins, exhaling clean O2
Inhaling …  for a total of 10 breaths.

Good.  We will now activate the transformative power of LOVE with three Earth-Healing Breaths.  With the next inhale feel your LOVE for the Earth growing and expanding in the heart of your tree trunk, so big… and with the next exhale, send your LOVE down thru your roots into the Earth.
Inhale and fill with LOVE and care for the earth, exhale and send it down, filling the planet. 
Last one.  Inhale and feel your LOVE expanding, exhale and send it down and thru, healing the Earth from within. 

And so we complete our 13 breaths for today.
Now imagine a great global forest of Caring, Repairing Trees!
13 breathe for 13 days, for the Earth… and Magic happens.

~Gratitude for the trees and all who care to Repair the Air~
Please share this.  Let it go FUNGAL!

Join the worldwide web of Climate Repair
and add your Tree to the global forest.

with green blessings,

Fearn Lickfield