Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gratitude; The Practice of Offering

This is the healing essence and spontaneous earth altar
that i made with Genevieve Drutchas for the Honey Bees.

O Holy One, I ran thru the fields and gathered flowers of a thousand colors-
And now I pour them out at your feet.
Their beauty and their brightness shout for joy in Your Presence.
You created the flowers of the fields and made each one far more lovely
Than all the skill of man could design.
Accept my joy along with theirs,
This field of blossoms at your feet.
Holy One, as the wind flows through these flowers
Till they dance in the ecstasy of creation,
Send Your Spirit to blow through my being
Till i too bloom and dance with the fullness of Your life.

Ishpriya R.S.C.J.

Dear earth dwellers,
I want to share a few words from my heart about unconditional giving and reciprocity to the Earth.  You know that bumper sticker that says "Commit Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Beauty"?  I love this notion and have been moved to make this part of my spiritual practice.

Unconditional giving in the form of regular offerings to the earth is a potent way to bring balance back into our relationship with the land.  

Here are a few tips to consider when making offerings;

  • Make an outdoor altar.  It can simply be the base of a special tree, a flat rock or a stump.  
  • "Taken, tendered and turned." Don't just give Her something that she made to begin with!  A good offering is one to which we have added our special human touch.   Home or locally crafted is best.  Something that represents your love and gratitude for the Earth.
  • Living essence/life force.  The spirits eat the living essence of the objects we offer.  Let your offering be filled with life.  It is traditional for offerings to be fermented for this reason; alcohol, kombucha, fermented food, especially if you made it yourself.  The first plate of food, and glass of drink at your feast can be offered to the Earth.   
  • Love and Creativity as food for the spirits. This includes songs, poems, eloquence, prayer, blessing, dance, sculpture… from you heart, especially if you created it!  
  • Keep it fresh, biodegradable, and active.  Don't let your altar get moldy, dusty or cluttered with objects that won't break down.  Tend it as you would a sacred temple!

At this time of Thanksgiving, let us remember the generosity of the Earth 
and take some time to give back to She who gives everything that we may live.

Our East Faery Altar

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fearn Essence Services

Flower Essence custom blends
Spiritual House Cleansing
Ceremony and Rites

What are Flower Essences?
Flower Essences are natural liquid extracts containing the vibrational healing imprint of a plant.  They are totally safe and non-toxic.  A flower in full bloom holds the healing “essence” or life force of a plant most potently, for it is the peak of the plant’s life cycle and expression.  Flower Essences are prepared by floating a few select blooms in water, which are infused in the sun or moon for a specific length of time.  They are then potentized, diluted, preserved and bottled.  The resulting essences are taken-usually internally- to bring balance and healing to the emotional, mental and spiritual levels of consciousness.

The benefits of Flower Essence Therapy include:
 *stress relief                                                    *a personalized formula!
 *connecting with the earth                                *tell your story and be heard with compassion
 *finding our purpose in this life                         *slowing down and breathing
 *loving and nurturing ourselves                           *feeling more joy, clarity and vibrancy
*letting go of outmoded beliefs that hold us back
*understanding and releasing stuck emotions such as fear, anger and sadness

The green world and i want to see you step into your full expression of power, beauty and purpose!  
Custom Flower Essence Blend 
$50 or $108 for a three month/three blend healing journey!

No appointment necessary!  
Includes intake, bottle, essences, and write up.  
Add $5 If shipping is required.
Start your journey. 

I am certified by Delta Gardens as a flower essence practitioner
 and have 13 years of experience in this wonderful work!

Geomancy Consults
I am available to meet with you and your land to support you in co-creating 
the highest level of harmony between person and place.  

This may include the following; 
Clearing of old or outmoded energies and entities
Healing of wounds in the matrix of place
Balancing of elements and elementals 
Siting of home, garden, water wells, temples
Updating, vitalizing and manifestation of your dreams with the land
Communication and symbiosis with Spirits of Place and Faery. 
Consecration of home and land
Spiritual House Cleansing
Protection from unwanted influences
Co creation of temples such as Labyrinths, stone circles,
Dowsing services
$60-80/hr. sliding scale.
For those who live further away, i will travel for an additional .7/mile.

Spiritual House Cleansing
Does your home need a good cleansing?  

Our homes are powerful tools of transformation, intention and manifestation!  
There are a few areas of life that are good gauges of the relative harmony of your home.  These include sleep and rest, relationship, success, health, happiness and fertility (people or land).
If one or more of these areas is challenged, and has been for a long time, it may be a red flag that your home needs some clearing.  

A few things i consider when assessing your home; 
·      History and psychic residue/ place memory-
·      Geopathic stress- This is caused by strong earth energies running thru your home. 
·      Technopathic stress (electromagnetic stress/EMF’s, microwave, cell), 

·      Portals, entities  

$60-80/hr. sliding scale.

For those who live further away, i will travel up to an hour for an additional .7/mile.
I also can work remotely with a phone consult.

To make your appointment contact me at fearnessence@gmail.com.

Blessed be your home, inside and out.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

See and Believe!

dear readers, 
This week  I am inspired to share with you some of the images i have collected which speak volumes about the work i do with the earth, about Dreamland; our home and school, 
and about the Spirit of Nature.  

May these images enter your eye and feed your soul!  


Re-membering ourselves back into the web of life is our deepest healing.