Friday, April 1, 2016

Guardians of the Sacred Earth; the 7 step journey

Module 1 is called Opening our Hearts to Gaia.  We Re-Member Her sacred pulse within us and we are never alone.

Module 2 is an Immersion into FIRE! Power and Protection. We will meet and work with the light in the land;the Dragons!

Module 3 is an Immersion into the deep dark mysteries of Water, Serpents and Yin Chi. Dowsing for water. Ritual of release. The Sacred Well. Custom flower essence blends.

In Module 4 of Guardians we will be inspired by the rooted, lofty medicine of the TREES. Climate Repair, Wand Making, Sound Healing, Breath work,
Guardian Trees.

Module 5 is an immersion into the Earth thru the sacred SOIL. Bones of our ancestors, stones, offerings, spiritual gardening, animal allies.

In Module 6 we go BELOW. Earth Healing with Tree Essences, Earth Acupuncture, Mending the Web, Psychic Membranes, Underworld Journey work, Sacred Space.

And last but not least, Module 7 is dedicated to the ABOVE! We will open our crowns and expand into the Stars. Students share their final projects.Blessing of the Guardians.