Sunday, May 29, 2016

Geomancer's Journal: a three part home clearing.

I had the pleasure of clearing a beautiful home on Friday. I brought my dowsing tools, my sage, and my offerings. No essences needed this time. 
This one turned out to be a three part clearing. 
The first level was inside the house. The steward was aware of possible technopathic stress affecting the bed area. The electric utility lines entered the house in an adjacent wall and the cables travelled just under the bed. Synchronistically she was recently gifted with an Orgone puck. We dowsed the levels before and after putting it under the bed. Stress levels went from a 3 to less than 1 in the bed, and from 5 to less than 1 in the living room below. Sorted!
Next we tuned into the energetic landscape surrounding the home. There was an old stone foundation of a barn long since gone that was holding onto some history. It seems that there was a fire there and that farm animals may have died. The imprint of this fear and pain was still held in the stones. There was also a more recent fire close to the foundation that got out of control and caused some fear. We climbed into the space that was the barn and i dowsed for the best access point. I lit the sage, prayed to the directions, made offerings and cleared the residues of the past from the stones and land. 
Finally, i was told that the tenants in the other side of the house have a young daughter who was having trouble sleeping as well as some emotional disturbance. It turns out that the same room was occupied by a previous tenant who had some mental and emotional challenges. The room was holding the imprint of her struggles. I dowsed for the best access point outside from which to clear her room and did the work from there. When the tenants came home they were updated and asked to complete the clearing inside with some smudging.
I also found a happy Dragon(ley line) passing just inside the entrance to her side of the house, through the kitchen and on out. I dowsed to see what sort of offerings s/he would like. She said she likes mead and burnt offerings of resin and herbs. This Dragon if welcomed, will in turn inspire, protect and empower all who enter this home. Blessed be!

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