Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I am not an activist!

There is no more denying the call.  I have been resisting for years but it can no longer be ignored.  The stakes are too high, and after all, i dedicated myself as a Priestess of Gaia.

The call has come because there is urgent need and i have something to give, like we all do.
I do not identify as an activist and have mostly avoided such events, figuring i can do ceremony and pray and sign online petitions from the safety and comfort of my home.  This is no longer enough. The cries of Nature are too loud for me to ignore.  My conscience is speaking, Nature is speaking, the faery folk are speaking and i must do what i can.  I know i am here to serve the Sacred Earth as a teacher, a healer and a priestess.

The news these days is painful, uncensored, intense and at times completely overwhelming.  Many of us can no longer stay in our comfort zones with good conscience.  I believe we all have an important part to play in this awe-some time of change. We are here in vast numbers and we are changing. Will it help?  Is it too late?
Who can say?  What i know in my bones is that giving up or resisting change will help no one.

I am scared. I am scared to put myself at risk of injury or arrest.  I am scared to become a victim of the machine that is killing the Earth.  But what i am realizing is that i am more a victim if i do nothing. We are all part of the great web of life which is being torn.  We are all in this together.

What is your line in the sand?  What would it take for you to stand up and speak for the land, the waters, the atmosphere?  A pipeline coming thru your house?  A clearcut nearby?  Lead in your drinking water?  The next catastrophic flood?

I have been crying more than ever.  My skin is thin and i am feeling so much.  It is a blessing and a pressure release for me and perhaps for the more-than-me.  I am learning new ways of both holding and letting it flow.

I get courage from my ancestors, from stories and victories and people rising up together for what they believe.  This new wave of activism is different.  I am seeing deeper vision, courage, connection and power from the heart.  Miracles are needed and they will happen if we plug into the source and ask the ancestors and spirits to help us.  We are not alone!  It is our illusion of seperation that got us into this mess.  Together and co-creatively we have a chance of tipping our destiny toward survival and even thrival.

Imagine coming together in sacred circles in at-risk places and calling upon the ancestors and spirits of place to rise up with us to protect the land.  Imagine drums, singing, altars, offerings, councils, and magic to diffuse conflict and violence.  Imagine dressing up and painting our faces and bodies with sacred symbols and colors for visual impact.  Imagine the world waking up and joining us!

If this stirs something in you please come to the Kellog Hubbard Library in Montpelier on Wed. July 27th at 5pm for a showing of the movie Taking Root; the vision of Wangari Maathai who started the Green Belt Movement in Kenya. Followed by discussion and guided practice to discover how we can authentically and spiritually protect our Sacred Earth.

Let us be the change.
So mote it be.

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