Friday, February 26, 2016

Guardians of the Sacred Earth Curriculum 2016

Day 1- Center
Day 2- Fire
Day 3- Water
Day 4- Air
Day 5- Earth
Day 6 - Below
Day 7- Above
6 sense meditation  

Prayer and offerings to fire

Dragon Dance
Vertical alignment.
Ocean breath
Bridging and tree breathing
Spruce Incense
3 Walkers, Torus, Schuman Resonance
Bubbling spring, rooting down, earth light, dream walker
Review of Attunements
Star breath, Star walker

Heart Perception and coherence

Pain>Love Transmutation
Wide angle vision

Earth Light
 3 Cauldrons

The cross roads
Opening the well

Water prayers- offerings to water

Flowering Tree

The magic of Trees
Atmosphere and Climate Repair
Earth Prayers- Honoring the soil and ancestors of the land. 
Soil and plant tending
The Underworld

Web mending

Earth acupuncture
Guardian project presentations
The Wound of Separation 

Journey to the Heart of Gaia
Web Weaving

Journey; Meet your Faery ally

What are Serpents?
Qualities of YIN
Journey; Tree ally,

Guardian Trees
The Geo Wand
Journey; Animal ally
Sacred space; altars and temples with Ivan
Guardian project presentations
Intro/history of geomancy
Dragons and  Michael; Power and Protection

Technopathic Stress
The mysteries  of Water

Geopathic Stress and how to clear
Trees as earth medicine; fungal web

 Making a Tree Essence
Land Assessment Worksheet and Soil Chart Dowsing
Consecration of Earth Acu Wands
Who ya
 gonna call?
The Cosmic Web

Cloak of the Angels
Pendulum dowsing
Location dowsing; find the Dragons!

Location dowsing; Find the Serpents!
Ritual of Release

Chart Dowsing, Flower essences custom blend and affirmation
Sound Healing and Toning with Trees
Making and blessing our offering bags

3 point process
Guardians say NO. Protectors. 
Psychic Membrane for VT. 
Blessing of the Guardians
Grove Essence and Certificates

Con Call- pendulum practise, Human Essence Journey
Con Call-
Fire Sipping
Con Call
Water under the bridge ex.
Pendulum ?s re. water
Con Call
Smudging and blessings a space.
Con Call
Journey to sit in Earth Council and stir cauldron, Discuss projects
Con Call
Journey to and thru home
Pendulum Practice; confidential dowsing for eachother.

Gnomework; Map the Dragons in and around your home.

Dowse and Map Serpents at home. 
Find Tree Guardian, cut and start making wand, make tree essence
Dowse SS Worksheet and soil chart, offering practise, essence for land?
Spiritual House Cleaning Psychic Membrane
Prepare Presentation!
star gazing, find your star, sun sipping, complete eval,
Do above world journey to meet your celestial ally. 

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