Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Power of Community

dear readers, I am moved to share a personal story in this post.
Crisis has a way of pulling us inward to tend to the most important, immediate issues of safety, survival and support.  It also has a way of bringing community together thru compassion and service.

On Saturday i brought Ivan to the Emergency Room.  He could barely walk.  He had been dealing with increasing nausea, weakness, diarrhea, on top of the the blood clots in lungs and leg.  His blood pressure was dangerously low, and his potassium level was off the charts.  It was kidney failure.  He was in mortal danger.

My personal stress level had already hit a high that day. i was trying to prepare for a trip, while wondering if i should go, and worrying about ivan.  I am a fairly empathic person and this tendency is strongest with those to whom i am closest, especially when they are experiencing pain and suffering.  Ivan was going thru intense emotional and physical pain that night, and i felt it all as if it were my own.  I lost it.  i wanted so much to be strong for him but i had run out of cope.

Meanwhile, my dog who had been with me in the car all day had also run out of cope.  He is also very empathic and felt that something was wrong.  He was in the car at the ER for about 4 hrs and ate my seat belt in a fit of anxiety.  I could feel that too.

Thank God/dess, our amazing and extensive support system kicked in quickly to offer hugs, grounding, chocolate, a shoulder to cry on, protection, crystals, dog care, a spare bed, flowers, food, massage, healing and love.  This awesome community continues to step up for both of us thru the rocky road of ivan's health these past few years.  I'm sure its why we are feeling so strong and resilient, and why ivan is alive and recovering.  I am humbled by the web of love and power that holds us, both human and spirit.  Ivan has had more near death experiences than anyone i know; more lives than a cat!  Each time i am reminded of the preciousness of life,  the powerful teachings of death, and how grateful i am for community.

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