Monday, December 29, 2014

Welcome to the magical world of healing essences!

Witch Hazel is a remedy for seasonal depression.

Are you thinking about a new year's resolution but doubting your ability to follow thru? 
Do you feel stuck in old habits, thoughts, beliefs?  
Are you carrying heavy emotional funk?

The green world and i want to help release what is blocking you so you can step into 
your full expression of power, beauty and purpose in 2015!  

Custom Flower Essence Blend 
January SALE! (expires Feb. 1st)
$40 (Normally $50)
or $108 for a three month/three blend healing journey!

Includes intake, bottle, essences, and write up.  
Add $5 If shipping is required.
Start your journey!  

What are Flower Essences?
Flower Essences are natural liquid extracts containing the vibrational healing imprint of a plant.  They are totally safe and non-toxic.  A flower in full bloom holds the healing “essence” or life force of a plant most potently, for it is the peak of the plant’s life cycle and expression.  Flower Essences are prepared by floating a few select blooms in water, which are infused in the sun or moon for a specific length of time.  They are then potentized, diluted, preserved and bottled.  The resulting essences are taken-usually internally- to bring balance and healing to the emotional, mental and spiritual levels of consciousness.

How do Flower Essences work?
The basis of all of life is vibrating energy and everything has a different vibration. When energy becomes blocked by dis-ease, pain, trauma or suffering, it vibrates at a less than optimal frequency.  Flowers to the rescue!  Flower Essences work on the energetic field of the body, each flower offering its unique vibration to heal a variety of specific conditions.  Essences can also be used to bring our overall energy back to health and wholeness.  The flowers show the way and the body follows.  This is the principle of Resonance.

What is Flower Essence Therapy?
Flower Essence Therapy is a process whereby a person seeks and receives the help of a practitioner to heal issues of an emotional, mental or spiritual nature.  As a wholistic approach to wellness, it can include looking at relationships with other people, animals and your home, all of which contribute to who you are.
It is a uniquely effective modality because it works with the healing plants that grow in our local environments.  Some of these will become your allies.
Connecting with the Spirit of the Earth is our deepest healing!

The benefits of Flower Essence Therapy include:
 *stress relief                                                    *a personalized formula!
 *connecting with the earth                                *tell your story and be heard with compassion
 *finding our purpose in this life                         *slowing down and breathing
 *loving and nurturing ourselves                           *feeling more joy, clarity and vibrancy
*letting go of outmoded beliefs that hold us back
*understanding and releasing stuck emotions such as fear, anger and sadness

The process is twofold: 
Self intake.   In your own time and space you will fill out my intake which is designed to get a picture of where you’ve been, where you are now and where you want to go or be in the future. Each of these questions is asked on the level of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  From this picture, I start to get a sense of the core issues that are at work within you and which plants might work to bring you toward healing and wholeness in relationship to these issues.  Another important part of the process is the use of affirmations.  Once the client becomes clear on what needs to happen and where they want to be,  you will develop an affirmation and visualization that you will be using in partnership with the essences.  This partnership is a potent combination for healing.  I may need follow up by email or phone to clarify and crystalize my understanding.

The formula.  Once I have gathered all the information necessary, I combine the plants that will be most appropriate for the client, and create a special formula with great intention and love. I currently work with about 300 plants, trees, stones and fungi and so have a wide range of healing applications at my fingertips.   Formulas are prepared in green glass dropper bottles with personalized label and given to the client along with an email which includes their affirmation and the descriptions of each of the plants’ actions that make up the formula.  Keep in mind as you read the descriptions that they are merely condensed snap shots of amazingly complex and diverse beings.  Take what works and know there is much more than meets the eye! 

Dosage is generally 3 drops, 3 times a day under the tongue.
Meditate on your affirmation/visualization each time, and if possible spend time getting to know the plants/allies you are working with in a personal way.
I recommend keeping a journal to record your experiences.  Pay attention to your dreams.   Listen to  your body.  The healing process may be subtle and it may be intensely transformative.  Each process and path is unique. 

The formula lasts about one month if taken at the suggested dosage.  After one month, I will call to follow up and see how you are doing.   A  3month, 3 formula commitment is recommended,  as this process is deep and profound when given the proper time and energy.  People also benefit after only one consultation and formula.

I am certified by Delta Gardens as a flower essence practitioner
 and have 13 years of experience in this wonderful work!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns along the way. 
Enjoy the journey!

                                                         ~ with bright floral blessings,  Fearn 

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