Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New Earth Healing Custom Essences!

dear readers,
i hope you have been well and enjoying the beauty of the unfolding seasons.  I am now easing into the darker, quieter side of the year and look forward to more time to connect and share news here.

It has been a very full and busy summer of teaching, dowsing, gardening, ceremony and dancing. I am in awe of the amazing people i get to teach, serve and guide, who are so committed to serving the land as spiritual stewards and Guardians.  You bring me such hope and affirmation!

Way back in 2002 i trained and became certified as a Flower Essence Practitioner with Delta Gardens.  I love working with the plants in this more subtle and sacred way;  bringing Nature's vibrational healing to the hearts and souls of people.  As my work has developed, i have gradually been called to do more and more of my healing work with the land.  As a consulting Geomancer, one of the questions i always ask of the land is if it needs healing.  If i get a YES to this question, i then dowse to see which essences the land wants, and apply them with my Earth Acupuncture process.
I have a vast repertory of essences at my finger tips, many of which i made myself, and they want to be used!  So in addition to the custom blends that i offer for people, i am now offering
Earth Healing Custom Essences.  

These are available for the first time to be applied to anyplace in the world that i can mail an essence bottle!  All I need is the information requested in my Earth Intake (available on request by email) a photo of the place, and its address.  This may be your home or any piece of land or water to which you have access and which needs healing.

How do you know if land/water needs healing?  Sometimes it is blatantly obvious, such as an old mine, a polluted river, or clear cut valley.  Sometimes its historic.  You know something intense, violent or traumatic happened there and has not be resolved.  Sometimes you don't know rationally what is going on, but it just feels sad, or hurt, or guarded.

We humans at our best when we listen and respond to the Earth.  We are Her Guardians!  It is our responsibility, or ability to respond, that will bring restoration and balance back to the places in Nature that humanity has destroyed.  The plants and trees are healers by design and they do their work where they are growing with wondrous proficiency.  Humans have legs, bikes, cars, and planes.  We can take these awesome plant potions beyond where they are able to grow to all the places that their medicine is needed. This is our symbiosis. We can begin to right the balance by acts of unconditional giving to Nature.

You don't need to be a Geomancer, dowser, or trained healer to make a difference.  All you need is a heart that cares, a bit of dosh and some follow thru action. (However if you are interested in learning more of these skills you can apply for my next Guardians of the Sacred Earth Immersion)

Here is how it works;

  • You read this article and know that you are being called to serve the healing of a particular place.
  • You get in touch and i email you the Earth Intake.  You fill it out and send it back to me along with $50 and a picture of the place you are working with.  Additional shipping charges will be added for international orders.
  • Once i receive all of the above i tune in remotely to your place and dowse to find the essences that will best serve its needs. I have about 300 plants, trees, shrubs, gems, astrological and mushroom essences in my collection to choose from.  Allow up to two weeks to receive your essence package. 
  • I put together a custom blend for your place and send it by mail along with clear and specific, simple instructions for how to apply it, including a prayer you can say for the land.  
  • You also take some of this essence, for you and the land are One.  

To request your Earth Intake email me at

In service to Her~
with love and blessings

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