Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gratitude; The Practice of Offering

This is the healing essence and spontaneous earth altar
that i made with Genevieve Drutchas for the Honey Bees.

O Holy One, I ran thru the fields and gathered flowers of a thousand colors-
And now I pour them out at your feet.
Their beauty and their brightness shout for joy in Your Presence.
You created the flowers of the fields and made each one far more lovely
Than all the skill of man could design.
Accept my joy along with theirs,
This field of blossoms at your feet.
Holy One, as the wind flows through these flowers
Till they dance in the ecstasy of creation,
Send Your Spirit to blow through my being
Till i too bloom and dance with the fullness of Your life.

Ishpriya R.S.C.J.

Dear earth dwellers,
I want to share a few words from my heart about unconditional giving and reciprocity to the Earth.  You know that bumper sticker that says "Commit Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Beauty"?  I love this notion and have been moved to make this part of my spiritual practice.

Unconditional giving in the form of regular offerings to the earth is a potent way to bring balance back into our relationship with the land.  

Here are a few tips to consider when making offerings;

  • Make an outdoor altar.  It can simply be the base of a special tree, a flat rock or a stump.  
  • "Taken, tendered and turned." Don't just give Her something that she made to begin with!  A good offering is one to which we have added our special human touch.   Home or locally crafted is best.  Something that represents your love and gratitude for the Earth.
  • Living essence/life force.  The spirits eat the living essence of the objects we offer.  Let your offering be filled with life.  It is traditional for offerings to be fermented for this reason; alcohol, kombucha, fermented food, especially if you made it yourself.  The first plate of food, and glass of drink at your feast can be offered to the Earth.   
  • Love and Creativity as food for the spirits. This includes songs, poems, eloquence, prayer, blessing, dance, sculpture… from you heart, especially if you created it!  
  • Keep it fresh, biodegradable, and active.  Don't let your altar get moldy, dusty or cluttered with objects that won't break down.  Tend it as you would a sacred temple!

At this time of Thanksgiving, let us remember the generosity of the Earth 
and take some time to give back to She who gives everything that we may live.

Our East Faery Altar

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